Specline Arabia (SLA), the industrial specialist, a specialized agency in project, maintenance supply and procurement management for large engineering, petrochemical, oil and gas, powering and manufacturing industries. Our main focus is in OIL & GAS as the scale, scope and complexity of the oil and gas industry are almost incomprehensible. Words like enormous, immense and massive inadequately describe its collective activities to find, produce, transport and process the hydrocarbons the world needs for its continuing and growing prosperity. With our state-of-the-art relations with our manufacturing companies we are able to react quickly and flexibly to the demands of local markets and global markets. We offer efficient solution for factory and process automation.

The prime objective of the company is to provide best service to the end users of above industries by sourcing their needed items from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hence saving high markups and overhead charges of the OEM. To guarantee the best quality and logistics of supply, our company has established a very high standard quality check system working in conjunction with the vendors by visiting their ware house for better Quality Check. Our company can also source all the items needed for industries such as Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation items from an extensive number of high profile manufacturers from The United States, and Europe and India etc.

We strive to deliver unmatchable customer satisfaction by providing quality product, timely service with competitive price. The SLA portfolio of products and services help optimize and control critical systems used in power generation by offering a wide range of solutions built to customer specifications.

Mechanical Seal Repairs & Refurbishing

Industrial Pump Repairs & Maintenance

CNC Machining of Industrial Parts & Components

Office Automation and furniture Instalaltion